Hungry Girl Goes… In Search of Summer Sandwich Must-Haves

Check out a few great new elements for your no-guilt sandwich-building needs…
Hungry Girl

Arnold Select/Oroweat Sandwich Thins Fill 'Ems

They 're flat, they're thin, and they're slim on calories! These things are perfect for the person looking to make a swap for their favorite carby sub sandwich. And since the rolls aren't split all the way through (kinda like a hot dog bun), they're ready to stuff with as many goodies as you can cram in.

Each Fill 'Em has 100 calories, 1g fat, 5g fiber, and a PointsPlus™ value of 3.

Boar's Head EverRoast Oven Roasted Chicken Breast

The deli counter can be a little scary sometimes — the take-a-number system, the shoving, the mayo-laden salads... But brave it! This delicious lean chicken from Boar's Head is worth waiting in line for and loading into a sandwich or wrap. It's not slimy and weird like some other deli meats… Nice work, Boar's Head!

A 2-oz. serving has 50 calories, 0.5g fat, 0g fiber, and a PointsPlus value of 1.

French's Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

To say that this is merely a "dipping sauce" is doing a major injustice to the stuff. Squeeze it on a sandwich or spread it on a chicken breast before you cook it (and then put it in a sandwich!). It's way too good not to use on almost everything you can think of. A little goes a long way, too, so you don't even need to use the full 2-tbsp. serving. Woohoo!

A 2 Tbsp serving has 60 calories, 0.5g fat, 1g fiber, and a PointsPlus value of 1.

Thomas' Bagel Thins

In Plain, 100% Whole Wheat, and Everything (and really, who doesn't want everything?), these flat bagels are fun. I love bagel 'wiches, but all that crazy dough usually holds me back. With these in the kitchen, the sky's the limit!

Each bagel has 110 calories, 1g fat, 4 - 5g fiber, 3g sugars, and a PointsPlus value of 3.

Kim's Light Flat Bread

If you're more into wraps than conventional sandwiches, this is a great product for you. First of all, these things are huge. A "portion size" is half a flat bread, but you can eat a whole one for 100 calories (which is so cool considering their massive size). Grab your favorite fillings — veggies, lean proteins, and guilt-free sauces — and make yourself a ginormous food item. (Or cut it in half to share; it's definitely big enough!)

Half a flat bread has 50 calories, 2g fat, 3g fiber, and a PointsPlus value of 1.

Kraft Singles Melt Downs

Want reduced-fat cheese slices that melt quickly and are all seasoned up? Lucky you; these cheese pieces come in Pizza, Taco, and Nacho. So whether you want a grilled cheese that tastes like tacos or decide to pizza-fy your veggie burger, these cheese slices have your back. And they melt super fast, too. Hooray!

Each slice has 45 calories, 2.5g fat, 0g fiber, and a PointsPlus value of 1.

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